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April 27, 2020 Prophetic Word

The Lord says, “You can’t move forward if you are worried about making mistakes. You will. Am I not able to make the crooked path straight? The point is whether you can grow and learn from mistakes, to take you into areas that you would not even attempt to go, if everything was moving smoothly all of the time. Your miracle manifests when there is a need. No need means no miracle. Bring before My Altar your smallest needs and grand alike. In every crisis comes an opportunity that would not be if the former was not present. Change the way you think about trials and the purpose that brings you favor. Water that becomes stagnate is no longer good to drink from. Remain in My Flow so that you are replenished in all seasons. This is how you grow stronger and not weaker when the storms rage. Stay connected and you will be able to stand in full strength. You are My Everything so I have given you My Everything! Come a little closer. I am shaking the Earth but you will shine like Brilliant Diamonds.”


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