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April 25, 2020 Prophetic Word

The Lord says, “You are going to make it! I will not let you wither and die where you are! Look around. Is anything too challenging for Me to handle? Take the pressure off of your own shoulders. I have placed no such burden upon you. The compass is set and you will not miss the turns. You are in a time of exploration and discovery within your own heart and spirit. So explore what kind of life you are dreaming of. Does it have My Glory upon it? If I wanted a slave, I would have made you into one. If I wanted a robot, I surely could find those as well. I wanted a Child of Mine to commune with, Friend to Friend. I do care what is on your heart and mind. Come share with Me for I will not send you away. You are Limitless and Unstoppable far more than you understand in this moment. Let Me show you. Your value is immeasurable. Do you not yet see? The tables are turning in this hour.”


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