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April 21, 2020 Prophetic Word

The Lord says, "Today find yourself not on sinking sand but rather on solid ground. Can you feel it? You are no longer servants. Shake that off. You are My Royal Sons and Daughters. I know your needs and your heart. Allow me to take you to a place that you could never dream of. Will you Let Me? I have so much to show you. Time is running out on paths that are being called to end. Do not look with disappointment for so much is before you. Release the thoughts of the religious minds and fools who know not what I have actually said in My Word. I am not in a box. Can you see My answers over your prayers? I AM the God of the Impossible. Open your imagination this hour, and See My unlimited supply and resources for your life. What I have ordained before you is in direct response to what you will require going forward. Release the notion of creating terms and conditions. Now is your moment. Run!”


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