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April 20, 2020 Prophetic Word

The Lord says, “The gloominess you have been living in is about to change radically, for ‘Suddenly” is about to visit your house in full measure. Your day of deliverance is surely near on the calendar. Trust My timing for I will not waste your days leaving you where you should not be. Rest in knowing that I have not forgotten a single tear you have shed. I will come through with all that I spoke over you.  There are seasons of heavy growth and spiritual understanding that must take place. This is a good thing and will launch you into the next with greater certainty. When the path looks marred and complicated know that much beauty will breakthrough from these transformations. To move from a caterpillar to butterfly requires developing spiritual muscles that were not needed before today. I will not leave you without answers. Go ahead and ask Me the deep questions of your heart and mind. It is your moment to grow from the understanding of a child to the wisdom of My Royal Beloved.”

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