• MaryEllen McCloud

April 18, 2020 Prophetic Word

The Lord says, “If you stumble, I will catch you. Do not be afraid to stretch yourself outside of your comfort zone because when you do, you will find a greater measure of My Glory around you. Your life was not meant to be lived in the comfort zone. Go beyond the limits that you have set in your mind. I will blow your mind with how truly limitless you really are. Reach up higher for you must allow desire for more be your guide in this hour. I will not force what you are not open to. You will make waves but know that the water was not created to just be still. People will not always understand you and you will not always understand others. I did not create everyone alike. How fun would that really have been? Enjoy the differences in others instead of trying to make them more like you. At the very core, all hearts have the same desires. I will create a new thing within you. The Alignment with My Spirit is before you. Take a leap!”