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April 17, 2020 Prophetic Word

The Lord says, “Even Diamonds need work to become all that it can be. Do not discount all that you have been through as a necessary process, even at times you cannot see the reasoning. What is done unjustly will be answered for, so give Me that matter and continue on without looking back. Many get stuck in the wronged moments. I want you to avoid this snare. More harm will come to you if you allow this way of life. Do not refuse to receive My Healing touch on Every issue. Many expect to just accept the pain as a way of life. Christ died for your total healing today and not one day, some day. There is nothing to be gained through carrying around unproductive aspects of life. I have come to free the captives, so what is holding you back in this hour? What you carry will either hold you down or lift you up. When you hold the bitterness, you will stumble. When you carry My forgiveness and mercy, My Goodness becomes such a focal point that you will see nothing else. The enemy desires to rob you of a hope and future. Turn away from the father of lies.”


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