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April 16, 2020 Prophetic Word

The Lord says, “Be at ease with yourself. I have not called you to pace back and forth about every detail or matter. Let Me take the reins and enjoy the scenery. When life becomes more than you can handle, remember I didn’t ask you to take care of it by yourself. I co-create life with you, so come out of the shadows and give Me what is troubling you. I will not send you away empty handed. Cast aside your greatest fears and worries. They do not serve you in truth. I have written down the plan for your life. What you face today has been taken into fullness and this too shall pass. I will not let anything stop My Design for your days. I have woven in beauty for ashes, so rise up and command My Goodness over your situation. What you will not ask for, may not come, so Ask Boldly. Nothing is too difficult that I cannot take you high above! Feel the Fresh Winds blowing stronger and stronger. The time for real change is here.”


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