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April 15, 2020 Prophetic Word

The Lord says, “What you give out in My Name, I will return to you with interest. Many are stingy with their own self, time, money, and resources. Do you find time to judge a person’s worthiness first before moving under My Spirit? I am setting you free of feeling you will be in lack if you do for another. I set My Kingdom up in the giving and receiving. What you pour out will be given back in greater measure. Do things unto My Glory and Honor and you shall reap a beautiful harvest. The Heart and Intent matter greater than you have assumed. Do because you desire to be a blessing and show My Glory. You are My Ambassador and My Beloved. I will use even what once brought you shame, to lift someone out of their situation. Nothing is wasted from your life unless you choose to let it. I am the Author and Finisher. Let Me do in and through you what seems impossible. You will never regret allowing Me to show you a better life.”


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