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April 13, 2020 Prophetic Word

The Lord says, “Mighty Rushing Winds surround you. I am using your past to push you forward. Lessons learned will prove useful in the coming months. Forsake the notion that the past is repeating itself for this is not the case. What you went through is going to allow you to conquer the next with ease. Trust the process in the Becoming into the image of Christ. I will not leave you where you began or even where you felt like giving up. You are prepared and ready to go. I have not missed any part in equipping you, even if you feel ill-prepared. Trust the Process. As the Sun rises, you will move into greater. What you have seen thus far by My Hand is just a tiny percentage of the Joy that is to come. Expect the Unexpected with Thankfulness. What is taking place is surely a wonderful addition in your days. Let your spirit soar for soon your feet will meet Me in the place that I have ordained you to be.”

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