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April 1, 2020 Prophetic Word

The Lord says, “The Records are straight and accurate. What you have seen Me do in the Past will revisit you but in ways you cannot even imagine. Speak to the Future not the past. Words that have fallen will be revived and upgraded to carry you beyond what you thought was possible into the realms of all things are possible for those who believe. You are more than just mere flesh and bones. It is time to walk in your Earthly Inheritance. Stop making excuses. I have said yes and amen over your days. Be fruitful with the Goodness of My Kingdom. No more are you marred by sin so shake off what the enemy tried to poison you with. Shake off what is less than My Best. Ask Me for My perspective and you will gain deep wisdom and revelation for this season. Assumptions and Opinions will leave you empty handed. I am not working under the logic of men. Too many are hanging up quitting signs instead of reaching up into the Glory of My Presence before you. Forsake dead religion and walk as you were meant to walk. You are becoming like Christ as you follow My Voice. Change is upon you.”


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