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Age of The Ageless

I saw a vision of a large flag. And on it, in big bold gold lettering, I saw the words written, "Age of The Ageless."

God is no respecter of persons. He doesn't look at the outward appearance of man. He doesn't consider what man esteems so highly, but considers the heart.

The Father knows who are His. He knows what it is that He has done in a person, and has put in a person.

He doesn't make mistakes; but He does defy human reasoning.

He will use those who are called "weak." He will use those who are called "foolish."

He is not afraid to offend the cynical or religious; But, He may just be stirring them to jealousy.

We are not defined by what others may see, or think, or say about us; but, rather, by God. It is He who calls, who prepares, who establishes, and who promotes.

Lay aside the fear, step out boldly, and watch the Ageless One work through you.


(To those not understanding the zodiac in the picture. God created the zodiac and used in the correct order, tells the story of Jesus Christ. The enemy desires to steal what is truth from the Lord and use it for evil purposes. Be wise in your daily dealings.)


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