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  • MaryEllen McCloud

December 9, 2019

The Lord says, “Walk on the wild side of My Favor and let your spirit soar. When you walk a life of playing it safe, you will miss the storylines that will hold the extraordinary works by My Hand in your life. Noah had no idea what was to come, but he moved at My direction. He witnessed to not only My Favor but My provision with every aspect of his life. I will do the very same thing in your every moment. Will you trust Me to do more than you could ever ask for or imagine?

Let the fear fall to the ground and just move towards what I have arranged on your behalf. It does not matter what the human eyes can see, I know the beginning from the end. You are going to so love what I am up to in your life. Take that risk and watch Me show up and out in your honor. Forsake the limited minds that only want you to live a life on their terms. You were born for greatness! You must decide who you will follow.”

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