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  • MaryEllen McCloud

November 26, 2019

The Lord says, “The Sun doesn’t set on My Plans for your life. Many look at the loss instead of the immense gain all around. Each day brings the New. Each day brings the Change. Each day is inscribed with My Glory. Declare what you are in alignment with, for My Will will be carried out. What you struggle to come into agreement with is due to your limited eyesight. Shift your perspective for you are not small nor insignificant. When you dream low, you will live beneath what I have spoken over your life.

Gather what you have and ask Me if you require more. I will use even the aspects that you believe are worthless. I find the rare beauty in what you desire to discard. Ask Me for My Vision, for I will rush after those who seek My Kingdom. Tomorrow is a New Day and a New Dawn. You can co-create beauty or decide to use the muck of things gone wrong. I see the best possible potential from you. Look again, for I am not a God who would lie to you. You are limitless with Me at your side. Take up what I have called you to. No longer look at the yesterday’s long gone. We are moving forward.”

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