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  • MaryEllen McCloud

November 24, 2019

The Lord says, “In My Eyes, there will never be an hour that you are not deserving of all that I have. You are fully worthy because I have made you so. Not of your own power or might lest anyone have the right to boast. You are Mine and there is no changing how I will care for you through My full attention with Love and Detail. Cast away the notion that you are merely a servant for I have called you friend. I will never forsake, and I will never leave you. I am not mad at you! Even on days you feel upset about how things have transpired, I will speak to you about My blessings and favor.

Take upon yourself the Fresh Garments laid out for you. What you needed in the last season has been done away with. Notice how much has quickly changed for you and how much is still shifting loose. Your identity in Me has also come into a maturity that has not been known to you before now. People will notice that you walk differently and soon even your speech will take on a new transformation that will even be foreign to you. I am the One who makes a person, and you are finding more and more right now, just how much work I have been doing behind the scenes. You are coming out and going up!”

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