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  • MaryEllen McCloud

November 19, 2019

The Lord says, “The Cloud is Coming! Can you perceive what this means. For when My Spirit is poured out, the heart’s and mind’s of men will shift and My Glory will be revealed. Do not forsake the teachings that bare witness from the Spirit for they are relevant to this moment in time. Get prepared for an acceleration of revelation to be received and the understanding of great mysteries will be revealed. I am expanding what My people see as truth and light, for many have discounted what was foreign to them.

Just as a tiny grain of sand is the size of what mankind has been exposed to in reality, Do you see Me so small as well? I Am the Beginning and the End. I Am not a created being and yet so many think that they know all that there is to find or see. Open yourself up to a world that you have yet to envision. There are no walls to set rules and limitations. To truly be in My flow and commune with My Spirit you will have to put aside what you think you understand, so that I can have My way in your life.

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