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  • MaryEllen McCloud

November 17, 2019

The Lord says, Understand that even before I used My painter’s brush to create all that is, I knew what would happen down to even the most minute detail. I decided to go forward anyway with Great Excitement. Before there was a need for a Heavenly Army, I created One in anticipation. Listen, You are worth it in ways I have yet to share. I did not make a mistake and when I say that everything is going to turn out as a beautiful song, trust that I know what I am saying. There is nothing hidden from My Understanding.

Release and Let Go of things that do not matter for Eternity’s sake. You are not meant to carry all of that weight. People will always find a way to be disappointed in any and all decisions that you make. Do not feel compelled to answer to your critics. I will help you in the good days and the not so much. Let Me be your compass and in time, others will realize that My Hand is fully upon you. What people fail to see as worthy of celebration, at the right point in time, they will lift you up with greater celebration because you did not fold to the pressure and public opinion. New armor is falling upon you in this hour. Find that less bothers and affects you from this moment and beyond. I will never leave you without My Best!


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