• MaryEllen McCloud

November 16, 2019

The Lord says, You always have an audience with Your King. I do not expect you to be what you are unable to do. I am the One who makes you into what you will become. This day realize that no matter what transpires in your day, you are expected to come home to Me. Do not shy away out of in trepidation. There is nothing that could have taken place to change My Opinion of You! Cast that notion aside for good. You are not a mystery to Me. I know you better than even you understand about yourself.

My Love is not demonstrated on a scale. There is no end and no limit to how much I love you. I am accessible to any and all. Even the pagan calling upon My Name will I listen to. I created all and I wish all to come into full reconciliation. Let that be the Praise from your heart as you go about your day. Do not look at one another with judgment and self-righteousness. The condition of the human soul is the same from one person to another. Let no one boast over another.