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  • MaryEllen McCloud

November 15, 2019

The Lord says, To some, they feel like they have been waiting an eternity for Me to move them into their calling, but in truth the key has been in their hands all along. I can set up every aspect required to make you into the vessel that can carry the weight and responsibility, but you must step up and out to become what is necessary and to do what is asked. When you park yourself in the belief that I am doing it all, you will find yourself stuck while others pass you by.

You are co-creators with Me. I desire you to be active participants. I am raising you into mature sons and daughters who will stand with my angelic army. When you are distracted with the in’s and out’s of daily life, you will miss that I have been standing here all along ready to move you onto the next book of your life. But know this. I can accelerate you to where I planned for you to be once you fully become sold out to My process. Nothing is too hard for Me!

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