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  • MaryEllen McCloud

November 14, 2019

The Lord says, I am the author of your days and your nights. I have not changed My mind about you. My steadfastness is not determined by your performance. I am writing your story and even rewriting sections that did not go according to My Plans. What is not going well today is not an indicator on how your life will end if I AM your Lord. Stop the gloom and doom thinking for those are not seeds from My Kingdom. I have more for you to do and see. I will take you to each destination, just rely on My ability to take you there.

It is not by your power or might that you will get there. I Am the unseen Hand moving pieces all around you. Even when the fog has rolled in to block your view, I will still arrange things to your advantage. Do not look at your circumstances. I am above, beneath, and within your situations. You are My Priceless Gemstone. I will not let you have any less than the awesome life that was paid for you to have and enjoy. Do not settle for less. Come to Me and I will work things out for My Glory always.

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