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Daily Prophetic Word November 14, 2017

The Father says, The Cloud will guide you by Day and the Fire by Night. I have written, in the world around you, clear signs of My power over your life. I have set before you great signs and wonders of divine intervention and resources from Heaven falling upon you. Look beyond what the natural eyes will behold.

My Kingdom is always visible in the spirit. Look no further than in your mind’s eye. I will provide the Ram in the Thicket. Come to the altar with your best, and I will show you what My Best looks and feels like. You haven’t seem anything yet. You have looked high and low in the Scriptures for the limitations of what I will do. I say to you this day, Behold I do a New Thing!

What I Am doing, in this Now, is nothing that can be compared to from previous seasons of My Glory. I have created New Realms of Glory for you to walk through and experience. Are you excited yet? My people have grown dull, and are too busy focusing on movements of My Spirit decades gone by.

Wake Up! We are in a New Day. I Am beginning to pour fresh New Wine upon the whole Earth. I Am not just visiting your church. I will visit Everyone! Even the people the church has deemed unworthy to step upon My Holy Ground. The Most vile and rejected will come into My Kingdom, and be Beacons on Hills that My Church refused to stand upon. I will use whom I choose, and I will call who I have appointed for such a time as this.

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