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  • MaryEllen McCloud

November 13, 2019

The Lord says, You are diamond in the rough. Though many will walk right past you unable to see what lies beneath, find that I am cleaning, polishing, and cutting away the imperfections. You have stood firm through many trials and tribulations. You are not one to complain and make noise to draw attention to your place in life. You have been faithful to Me, and I will be faithful to fulfill all that I have promised over your life. What you thought had passed you by for good, is coming back around to meet you where you are today.

I am bringing back to your remembrance something that you missed My timing and the open door from the past. I am setting you up to make it through and for you to finally receive what I desire you to experience. My Goodness surrounds you today. Let My Love be received in your heart and mind. I have amazing exploits for you to uncover. You belong to Me! Stop for just a moment and really let this sink in to your core being. I have created you. I have taken care of you since the beginning. Think beyond your human existence and walk into the full truth this very day.

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