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  • MaryEllen McCloud

November 12, 2019

The Lord says, The Next Four Months are putting things into perspective for My people. You have come from far and wide; desert, valleys, and mountain tops. Let the testimonies of My Faithfulness and Goodness be praises on your lips. Give the enemy credit for nothing. You are in My presence and within My reach. I will use evil for good in all areas so look again to change your storyline to be in My Heavenly Perspective. I have not forgotten what is still owed to you. Rest in My timing for it is perfect and never late.

You are stepping into days of My Glory. Days that I have longed for you to walk in. No detail has been left out of My divine order. Keep pressing in for soon you will see the blooming of My creation all around you. The long dryness has ended. The land is yet again full of rain. What was dead has come back to life. What was long forgotten about will be renewed once more. You may feel D

eja vu, but know that I am making a way where you were denied in the past. I will come through so let your dreams become My Dreams for you. Nothing is impossible. You are Mine!

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