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November 10, 2019

The Father says, Sometimes the key to a breakthrough is just surrendering. Have you tried all that you can do and still find the ocean swallowing you up? Did you keep a brave face to the world and fall apart when no one was looking? There are times even your best of friends are unable to help you through the rough surf. They lack the vantage point to see above the situation and murky water. It is in this moment that I will come with My Ruach Winds. I breathed the breath of Life into mankind and find this day that you are revived once again.

You will not be overcome, and you will not perish. I alone will do what no one else is able to do. Lean on Me as your source and Savior. Is there anything too hard for Me? Have no fear and just reach out your hand. Too many are letting condemnation or blame block their rescue. You will not see the truth until you decide to be open to the realization that your opinion is flawed. The Why of your situation is not always understood at the time that you are in demand of answers. Some answers are further down the road, as time is your better teacher.

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