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  • MaryEllen McCloud

November 3, 2019

The Father says, I am coming to you in this hour to refocus your beam so that it will hit the places that I have placed you to have an impact upon. You have a purpose and even when you think you have a clue, you really have no idea all that I plan to use you for. There are so many surprises in this thing called Life. Let Me have your day. Come discuss with Me your dreams and passions. I promise to give you the unending joy that only My Zoe way of life could ever offer you.

Today find Me cleaning off the years of debris cluttering your journey. Let Me cut away anything that is not profitable in your day. Come close for I have secrets to share with you. Revelation and Wisdom are your portion. Do not leave with empty hands. Place down what I tell you is not for this season. If you continue on in this condition, I will have to use other methods to get your attention. I will have My way with your life. The spiritual realm is opening for you this hour. My Bride is awakening to a whole new day and a whole new way of Life!

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