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  • MaryEllen McCloud

November 1, 2019

The Father says, I am increasing your capacity for more of Me to flow out of you. A deeper pruning is coming for I must remove what is dead and not capable of producing fruit. You will want to fight against this, for I am challenging not only your mind but your heart. What you have held strongly in your beliefs have become idols that are blocking Me from being center in your life. A religious mind is always the enemy to what I am doing over the Earth. Release your demands and come before Me with an open heart and mind so that I can fill you up with My Heart.

I am requiring you to let go of all that I ask you to release. The sacred cows of days long gone by are keeping you from a flourishing life with fruit bearing on all of your trees. My people need to stop living in religious lies of false doctrines. For even the enemy knows the truth of My word and twists it verse by verse in your ears. Are you still mine when you follow the foolish traps of the enemy day in and day out? Are you so turned around that the truth sounds like a lie, and a lie like the truth? What do you desire; for Me to show you the errors in your thinking or let you live in what you have allowed to be?

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