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  • MaryEllen McCloud

October 31, 2019

The Father says, The Stone was rolled away and the debt was torn. The payment of sin has been settled. No need to hang your head low any further. Religion has taught too many of My People to constantly beat themselves up over things that I long forgave and forgot about. I desire that you see yourself as a Saint and no longer a sinner. I have clothed you in My Best and Given you a Crown for the world to see. You are Mine. You are a new creation. Change the image of yourself in your mind and in the picture frame.

As long as you stay stuck in the old, you will miss all that I am doing on your behalf. I have so many days of blissful joy for you. It is time to open your eyes wide and your arms even wider. Forget all of those people who want you to wallow in sin long gone. It does not matter who reminds you of your past sins and mistakes. I have already removed that stain from your records. People may try to discredit you or say you are less than worthy, but I Am the One will will continue to bless you despite your enemies. I control your life, and we have great exploits to experience and the spoils of war to collect. You are My Beloved. This is who you are to Me, forever and forever.


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