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  • MaryEllen McCloud

October 29, 2019

The Father says, Set your mind and habits into giving Me your firsts. When you seek the Kingdom first in all things, you will see an opening in the heavens pour out your answer before the need leaves your lips. I Am not a God who enjoys the suffering of mankind. I created you out of My Love and never have I hated you. Even when you were lost, I still took care of you with great gentleness. Believe that I am with you throughout your day, and you will see My Hand more and more, which will not be denied before your very eyes.

You are walking into a new dimension of My Glory. Many are screaming the end of the world. Whose voice has more power to the future of mankind? Do I look like I Am finished?

Then why did I give you a calling, destiny, and a future? You are where you are because this is where I have placed you to prosper in all things. Earth is where you are needed and Earth is where you will be a blessing to all that I send you out to. Let Me have full reign and just watch My power explode in and through you. I am not looking for a perfect vessel to use. I chose you at the very foundations of all that I created. I am not done letting you open all of the surprises I have for you during this life of yours. Let your Praise reach the Throne Room for today is a turning point in your life. What you knew is about to be born again.

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