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  • MaryEllen McCloud

October 27, 2019

The Father says, It is time to look at your to do list. Many of you have it simplified to the essentials with openings for My Hand to write upon in the stillness of the night. Others have their list overflowing to the point that you are paralyzed with how much you have placed upon yourself. What I place on your list, I will give you the resources and time for you to accomplish all that I put in your spirit to do for My Namesake.

Evaluate closely. What I have not given you to do might be hindering your steps in ways you have not thought about. Let Me guide you as to which endeavors are unnecessary. I do not desire that you be all about the Kingdom mission only. You must have proper balance. I have called you to enjoy your life. Be one who is deliberate, walking in Kingdom principles even when you are just doing life. You are My Beacon on a Hill. Let Your Light Shine Bright. Just as a telescope needs to have its components aligned just right, so too does your spirit with My Spirit.

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