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  • MaryEllen McCloud

October 26, 2019

The Father says, Did you get filled up today? The infilling of the Holy Spirit is yours but many pass it by thinking they have enough already. What you seek to increase in your life will only do so when you take steps for more. Deeply crave the Holy Spirit’s presence so much that you will not do one more thing until you are in the overflow. Relationships take cultivation and earnest time in the flow. As you draw near, the only response will be a bond closer and deeper than you have never known before.

You will see life differently. You will see yourself differently. I desire to pour out My Love so completely in you that you will have no other outcome than to let the overflow of My Love pour out to any and all that come across your path. Man does not come into the Kingdom through any other truth than Love. You cannot truly scare someone into the Kingdom for when that fear leaves, what is left behind is not the message of the Cross. Love is the message of the Cross. This is the message from your heart into those you wish to impact for My Namesake.


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