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  • MaryEllen McCloud

October 21, 2019

The Father says, Stars fall from the heavens, but out of what ceases to be, comes the birth of the New. Do not let what is crashing, damage you beyond repair. I will build inside your world even better mysteries. Let Me remove what is decaying, so I can place in your hands a much grander gift. Do not mourn what is passing away. Just get excited for what is coming. Soon you won’t even remember what has left. Let it crash. Out of the rubble will bloom a fragrance that will shake the kingdoms far and wide.

I cannot put a blessing in hands that are full. For it is your need that attracts and pulls Me towards you. From your need, Heaven responds with violence, to break through all obstacles. When you believe I Am a God that ignores your desperation, then you become your own stumbling block. Get your heart and mind settled on My Goodness in all things, for I have never wished harm to befall your life. Religion will tell you that I am forever disappointed with mankind. What good would it do Me or you if I hung onto a people that I could never be pleased with? Erase such nonsense and get ready for My Glory to come with Power and Purpose this very day.

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