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  • MaryEllen McCloud

October 18, 2019

The Father says, I will vindicate but understand, I will also vindicate what you have done against someone else. The vindication you seek, others may be seeking as well. Be humble for you wrong people intentionally and unintentionally alike. So release your offenses and grudges. This bitterness will come back around to you in due measure if you are not careful. Get your own house in order before Me. I will cleanse you and remove years of tarnish over your life. It is time to throw out the baggage you have become so accustomed in carrying from place to place. Don’t be fooled into thinking that others cannot see all that you are hanging onto.

I desire to make you free in all things. The Cross would do no less for you. Do not be a bond servant any longer. Celebrate in the streets for the ransom has been satisfied. What better news is there for your day. See and feel the chains of bondage fall before your very feet. Do not turn around and decide to put those shackles back on. My people are walking in a New Day that has never been before and you will not want to miss out because you were stuck in the past festering wounds of yesterday. BE FREE for My Love Covers All Sins.

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