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  • MaryEllen McCloud

October 15, 2019

The Father says, Did you stop at counting the cost? For many, considering the cost of bearing the Name of Jesus in and around their life was their stopping point. But I say to you, Have you considered how much grander the rewards are than the cost? When you view the negative only, you will miss out on the best parts. When you stop looking for My Majesty in all places near and far to you, then you will only view a dark world filled with pain and rejection. My Child, Listen. I have so much happiness and joy coming to those that march on for My Namesake and all that you go through for this call will erase completely when you see My Goodness rain upon you.

Pick up your armor and raise your sword. I will give you the land to subdue and you will partake of the milk and honey stored up for you. Let Me wipe away years of battle scars and bottles of tears. Let Me restore your tender heart. Do not let the moment build walls around you. I will not force My way through what you design to keep out intruders. Let Me remind you of all that I have taken you through and all that I have kept you from. I desire to rebuild you even stronger this go around. What used to shake you into fear, will be like a pebble before your feet.


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