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  • MaryEllen McCloud

October 1, 2019

The Father says, Is there really no rest for the weary? My people are ignoring very clear and evident signs to rest. I have not called you to be everything to everyone. Many will seek to use you up if you allow them to. You must know when to place things down and rest. If I have given you that assignment then it will still be there after you have rested. You cannot do everything in a day. Be okay with doing enough for today and placing it down.

I desire to fill you up and recharge your body and mind. I will not leave you depleted or empty. I have called you to enjoy life and not work until your fingers are worn to the bone. I gave Noah decades to do his calling, and I did not place a rush on his time or service. You may feel some pressure or rush to get things done. Be Still and Know that I Am God! I will give you the time and teach you how not to waste or over use the time allotted. There is a balance and peace that is falling upon My people.

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