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September 30, 2019

The Father says, Can you feel the rustling all around you. There is an increase coming to you in this hour that is much needed across the Body. I am bringing a new level of hearing My Voice that mankind has ever known before. An elephant has large ears to hear minute sounds in a variety of frequencies. They hear sounds that are missed by the human ears. I am rewiring your ears to hear even the subtleness of frequencies and tones. Many will doubt what they are hearing to go off to more familiar places. I say, ‘Stay in this Stillness even when all of your logic is challenged.’

Many will be denied because they hold their own opinions above Mine. They believe they are right in their own mind and will not allow My correction to sink into their life. They will love the world and compromise until their destruction draws nigh. I have not told you to become cozy with sin. Have you decided My Truth needs a revision? Unrepentant sin will deny you a destiny. My Spirit will give you self-control when you choose to walk in My Ways. You are not subject to the darkness unless that is what you choose.

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