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  • MaryEllen McCloud

September 29, 2019

The Father says, When you begin to see yourself how I see you, then you truly will be unstoppable. The enemy wants to cover your eyes to the truth and remind you of the past over and over. When you lend an ear to those illegitimate voices you will stumble and fall. When you fail to place your trust alone in Me, you will be swayed by those will compromised motives. I will place a group of trusted people in your midst. People who wear My Heart and sensitive to My Spirit. They will help you reach new levels and develop more into My Son’s Image.

I am going to take your breath away, for the days of dryness are ending. What was too stubborn to leave will vanish in an instant. My Power is invading your circumstances. Many will see this as a negative because they desire to hang onto what is destroying their life. Be Wise. You cannot hold sin in your hands and expect to stay clean. You cannot hide in the dark pretending to be light. I will not be mocked. Many have become like Jonah. Many more have become like Lot. It is time to take your walk with Me seriously allowing no compromise with the world. I am speaking to you about what needs to change in your heart and mind. Pay attention.


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