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  • MaryEllen McCloud

September 24, 2019

The Lord says, Cast your Fleece for will I not answer you? I am patient through your moment of doubts. Be willing to move once you receive My answer yet again. Procrastination is the killer of your destiny. Be on purpose and not chasing your own tail. I will give you direction for I will speak throughout your day. I created everything so therefore Look everywhere for My direction. Be wise to the enemy’s counterfeit. My sheep know My voice. Do not be led astray by impostors.

You can do more through My Power than your own. Decide which is smarter to draw from. When you are weary, know that this is your key that you have let your well dry up. Come back to Me for replenishment. You were not meant to be on your own. I am with you always so look up for your King is Nigh. I am rearranging the battlefield to give you the offensive instead of the defensive. Run towards your adversary for when he sees you, he will flee. Know who you are in Me. Let your voice roar like a lion. The ground is trembling at your footsteps.

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