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  • MaryEllen McCloud

September 22, 2019

The Father says, Even the worst news I will turn around for your benefit. The enemy has no final say over you. When I say no weapon formed against you will prosper, it means just that. Even if the target is hit, the affect will be changed for My Glory and Honor. I created you, and I will decide how your day goes with what has come your way. Am I a God who can deliver? Can I not turn the enemy’s army against themselves? Do not drop your faith right before the Victory.

People will not always understand you, even when you try to explain. They make snap judgments through their religious lens. Shake off the disappointment. I have better for you than what is currently being presented. I will make the crooked path straight. I have a new staff for you to use on your journey. This is a serious upgrade to the life you have been living. You have wondered why some areas just never seem to improve. Soon you will possess the right tools to push through and watch this too indeed change by My hand.

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