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  • MaryEllen McCloud

September 21, 2019

The Father says, Wells of Revelation are bubbling up for you. Take advantage of all that I am showing you. Many will reject simply on the basis that it does not fit their mindsets. They will not want to invest the time to look deeper for the fear they will have to adopt a new belief about the My Kingdom than they have perceived it. Satisfied with the boxes and the limitations they see, nothing more will they seek. Break the chains and walk as Free Sons and Daughters of your King.

Nothing is hidden forever. Even those who never want to know the truth beyond what they believe, will one day have nothing but the Truth in front of them. Do not be a people who would rather know later, for later maybe too late. I cannot take you to limitless endeavors when you wear the chains of your own beliefs. When you are in conflict with Me, you will trip your own walk and undermine your own future success. Many do not think they are in conflict with Me and quickly reject anything spoken that is foreign to their ears. I will always speak mysteries for a king to seek out. You are no different. Remove the blindfold and invite Me in.

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