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  • MaryEllen McCloud

September 19, 2019

The Father says, A new flow and understanding is being released to My Bride. My Voice spoke many mysteries that are now coming to comprehension. You are in a new day and age. Many have thought that this meant something else, but I am now exposing the truth of My word in ways that will Shake the Church to the foundation. Does it surprise you to hear that My Kingdom is under a One Rule Authority and Government? I am bringing My People back under My full Authority and with this, a unity that has never been, will come into view.

Many will walk away from such a notion to desire the sacred cows of their religion. I have promised to tell you ahead of times so you may be prepared for My Winds of Change. I have said each person has a specific role and that you cannot do the roles of each other. The days when My People denied certain anointings and mantles are coming to an end. If I called you to be and demonstrate this aspect in the body, you will indeed walk in the fullness of these anointings regardless of what men may say or try to stop. I do not see male nor female when I chose your calling and destiny. A rising up of My Chosen is here! Will you walk away?

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