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  • MaryEllen McCloud

September 18, 2019

The Father says, Come into My Presence and Let Me wash your feet. Your journey has been long and hard, but things are changing even now. Look and See for what angst you even six months ago has been fading out of existence. Too many times people get so comfortable with a problem being a part of their life that they fail to imagine life without that issue. They forget to notice when I have answered their prayers because they only focus on what is bothering them today. Take another look for the arrival of reinforcements have come flanking the battlefield.

My promises are forever. I am not a fair-weathered friend. I am surrounding your life in all things and not just when you call Me. I am sold out and completely invested in your life. Can you conceive this in your heart and mind? I have Four keys in My Hand for this hour. Doors are being unlocked that were shut for many decades. Stand up with expectation for I Am calling your name to receive. Be open to new possibilities. Be open to Red Sea parting moments for the door you were looking for was actually hidden for a time. Release what does not serve you and get ready for the explosion over your days.

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