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  • MaryEllen McCloud

September 17, 2019

The Father says, It is time to take Charge and Seize your life with every moment before you. Do not allow yourself to get stuck in a rut and routine. Look at your day with fresh eyes and heart. Watch where I will take you. Be flexible to My Movements, for each hour will hold a surprise as My Winds carry you. The water will become deeper and deeper. Many will become afraid and quit. Forfeiting your future is an idea from the enemy. Be careful not to come into agreement with illegitimate voices around you.

People will try to discourage your journey. Many will throw everything they can to get you to change course. Whose voice will you follow? Understand when you live in disobedience you cancel the blessings and favor that are waiting for you. There are always points in the timeline where you can wonder how different your life would have been had you taken that other road. Let My Voice speak to you right now. I will tell you if there was indeed a better outcome or not. I will align you perfectly, for if I Am your God. You will still reach the places I desired you to find when you continue walking in My ways and not your own. I will make that crooked path straight.

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