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  • MaryEllen McCloud

September 16, 2019

The Father says, Place your list on the Table. Ask Big and Ask Small. Place your needs; Place your dreams; Place your secret desires before My Throne. Come into agreement with My Will. March brings a new wave of breaking of the old and walking into the new that has never been before. The time of suddenlies are raining on My People. Days that had no promise of hope on the horizon will instantly be no more. Days of pure Sun and Light will be the new way of walking. Forsake the old mindset and welcome My Way of Thinking.

Do not forget these hours and days. You are being placed on a stage. A time of getting ready has led to the final rehearsal to show time. The Garments are receiving their final alterations and touches. Last minute downloads of assignments are being given to your spirit. My Voice is placing within you the final instructions and wisdom. You are ready and well prepared. Be Bold and Courageous. I go before you making a way where there was none. There is nothing to fear. You already hold the victory.

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