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  • MaryEllen McCloud

September 14, 2019

The Father says, Whose past are you holding against them even now? I say to you that unless you release the rights you have against others, you will not be free to behold the mysteries that I have placed along your trail. When your mind is concerned with aspects other than My Glory you will not hear and see what I have for you. Yes, I did see what happened. Let Me be your scorekeeper. I have better things for you to focus your time on. I will take those ashes, those daggers, and all that is causing you despair.

Every day you refuse to release the past, the enemy weaves one more pass of bondage around you. Soon you will be unable to move forward at all. My Angels are singing over you this very day. The frequency will destroy the darkness in your heart and mind. Watch all that was bothering you fade into nothing. Feel My Healing poured out over your head this hour. Do you feel the heat and flow? It only takes one second to change decades of sorrow in My Economy. You will come out ahead. I will vindicate and set you free.

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