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  • MaryEllen McCloud

September 11, 2019

The Father says, The world is on My Shoulders not yours. You are carrying things that were never meant to be yours. Release and let go! Many say they have given Me their problems, but then they just sit and stare at it wondering how and when. Keep moving forward and at the right moment, I will have resolved that issue beyond comprehension. You looking back is unproductive. If I take it from you, it is mine solely to resolve. I will always take care of what is mine to deal with.

If you want to stay in control, then that is your choice, but I cannot intervene when you are undoing what I am working on. I will not handle it your way for the logic of man is flawed. I see the whole picture, not just the piece before you. Many have mistaken what life is supposed to look like. You have bought into the lie that the cross did not really take care of the curse over mankind. If I found you so insignificant, why would I bother to use mankind for any of My purposes on the Earth? Walk with Me for My Purposes are for Good and not for harm.

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