• MaryEllen McCloud

September 5, 2019

The Father says, Today is a day like none other. Through you, I am releasing a frequency and sound that will crush the schemes of evil around you. People who have been smiling to your face and lying behind your back will be exposed and dealt with. You will not even need to respond to any of it. I Am your Rear Guard, and I carefully and lovingly watch over you. The snare has been set for your enemies. Do not bother to look back for if you do, the pressure might draw you in as well. I have a fresh rain to pour out over your lands if you keep walking forward.

Release any offense in your heart. Examine closely, for offense travels in a deep rooted network. Offense will stifle your attempts to hear My Voice and Direction. Let Me wash over your heart and mind a renewal and clean slate. Just as on the day of your birth, today I will give you that same newness as if today was your first day on Earth. Do not walk in old mistakes for you have learned how to deal with trials, as I have made you on the Potter’s Wheel. You are an overcomer and the victory is yours for the taking.