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  • MaryEllen McCloud

September 4, 2019

The Father says, I will remember those who remember Me. You placed in My hands the choice and timing of special desires, but now years have passed, and you felt I did not come through. There are seeds of logic that escape a man. Feel the air, how crisp and cool. The movement by My Spirit is falling on My people who have lived in deferred hope. I will not let these promises become null and void. Even when you have walked away, I am still faithful to finish the good work in your life.

Patiently you waited even with moments of anger, but I am stilling your heart and mind. Your time is now. Yes, you heard right. Get your preparations ready to receive openly. I have said your latter days will be greater than your former. I am bringing joy and laughter beyond your imagination. Just as Sarah’s joy came to her in later years, so too will you walk in a time of great favor and blessing. My Glory is for all of your days and not just the ones people hold value to. Release what does not serve this new mindset for the way you walk is getting an upgrade.

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