• MaryEllen McCloud

September 3, 2019

The Father says, You will always have a life to live, whether on Earth or in Heaven. I created you to thrive and explore with your heart’s desires solely fixed on My desires for you. I did not create you to be bored or look on as others enjoyed their day. I invented fun, so go learn to have more of it. I have the troubles under control. Will I not make a way where there is no way? Can I not shut the mouths of hungry lions? Will I not take down your enemy with just one stone? Rest and Relax for when you do, your spirit will flow with My Spirit. A busy mind can crowd out My Voice. No when to place things down each day.

Rest for the Battle is Mine. The enemy of your soul chases you because you are Loved by Me. Do not stay stuck in the wounds he hopes to kill you with. I did not lose interest in the world that I brought to reality through My Imagination. I will see you through to the end of the age. You will love how this ends. Do not stay gazing at what you don’t like right now. Shifting sands will make way to stable foundations, and My Glory surrounds, for I cannot fail. You carry My Image and My Glory. Do not lose your crown.