• MaryEllen McCloud

September 1, 2019

The Father says, The fortress of your enemies is only a mere illusion. You do not need spies to go into the land to give a report. There is no report of truth other than My Voice in this hour. If I say you will be victorious then no man can give you a better truth. Consulting men before Heaven will surely lead you to a wealth of fears and doubts for this season. If I have brought you to it, will I not see you through it? Many will not believe or understand the path that I have you on. Be wise in the counsel you seek.

Why do you stumble to See that I only have a Heart to prosper you? Did I place Adam and Eve in the Garden of junk? Why would My Will for mankind change. I do not change! If I pronounced all things created Good, and then restored back to Good, is there any other truth? This world is but temporary. Place your efforts into the things that will matter for eternity. Your life did not begin on Earth and it surely will go on after, for this too shall pass away. Come away from a pit of stagnation. It is time to take the land of your promises.