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  • MaryEllen McCloud

August 31, 2019

The Father says, Wash away the years of grime from beating yourself up for mistakes long ago. I forgave you the moment you asked. If I choose to not remember, it will serve you no good to keep wearing those rags. My Best still hovers over your today’s. I can make even the worst mistake into a blessing if you believe that I can truly do all of that for you. I am not at a loss as to where you are right now. I have the Master blueprint, and I will adjust and shift you into the greater still yet to come. Shake off the lies and join Me in all that I will carve in the waters of Revelation. Tomorrow is not finished yet, so grab My hand.

I will take you through the maze and through the confusion. I will set clarity in your mind as to where your feet must go. It is up to you to obey. Half obedience is full disobedience. If you want the greater, you must resist the lesser. I have new armor for you to wear. A new sword is being forged. Embrace your full identity. What I died to restore to you should cause you to leap for joy. When your perspective becomes negative look to Me for the truth. You were born to receive My full inheritance. Do not forsake what is rightfully yours. How you handle yourself matters greatly.


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