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  • MaryEllen McCloud

August 21, 2019

The Father says, Circumstances do not indicate the outcome if you are Mine. I started everything with just the mere imagination and in this season, you will find that decades of dreams will begin to live again with vibrant colors once more. What you forgot or cast aside will come back around to meet you at the crossroads. My wind is ready to blow you into the new direction of abundance. The naysayers have no position of authority here. Do not give power to illegitimate voices and you will rise above whatever is thrown at you.

I have woven the tapestry of royalty in your honor. No longer will you accept that you are less than anyone else before Me. I want you to see yourself through My Eyes and decide to never change this perception. I have not asked how others see you or how the enemy of your soul sees you. Cast aside anything less and let Me breathe upon you with My Spirit. You will never want to go back to what was. Thrive in what is Now and what is Coming. You please Me with your presence cultivating our relationship. You please Me with your obedience despite the situation. I will take care of the outcome. Just come ready and willing. I will surprise even your greatest enemy. Stay on path until I tell you to move in a new direction. Distractions are meant to derail. Be wise.

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